DATE : July 25, 2020

Liberty University
Demoss Hall - Room 4162
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Online until July 23rd at 11:59PM - $30 per person

After July 23rd (ON-SITE ONLY) - $35 per person

Online Deadline: July 23, 2020

Divisions: The tournament is organized into three (3) Divisions:  Scholastic K-5, Scholastic 6-12, and Open. 

  • The Scholastic Sections are for school-age players in grades pre-school through High School.  Experienced Scholastic Players with an actual  Chess Rating over 1200 may find a greater challenge in the Open Section.  US Chess Federation Membership is REQUIRED.
  • The Open Section is intended for experienced players regardless of age.  Adult beginners can only play in the Open Section. US Chess Federation Membership is REQUIRED.

GENERAL INFORMATION:  Chess Sets and boards will be provided, but players can use their own.  Players should bring their own Chess Clocks, pens and pencils if they have them.  A Chess Clock is not required, but is strongly recommended.  There will not be a Chess vendor on site.

COMPETITION FORMAT:  4 Rounds, Swiss System.  This is not an elimination tournament, every player plays 4 games!   Click here to read more about a Swiss System chess tournament.  There will also be an optionalChess Puzzle Solving competition in both Scholastic Divisions with separate awards for players' puzzle solving performance.


  • Time Control for both Scholastic Divisions is Game 40 for all 4 rounds.
  • Time Control for the Open Division is Game 45 for Rounds 1 and 2, and Game 60 for Rounds 3 and 4.
  • All divisions will observe a 5-second time delay per move.
  • “Game 40” means each player has up to 40 minutes to make all of his/her moves, so a full game could last as long as 80 minutes under Game 40 conditions.

Scholastic Divisions:  All played at Game-40, with 5-second time delay.  This means each player has 40 minutes to make all of their moves, so a very close game “could” last as long as 80 minutes.
- Round 1:  10 AM
- Rounds 2-4:  Played as soon as possible after the previous round ends.  The optional Puzzle Solving Competition will occur after Round 1 and before Round 2 in both Scholastic Divisions.

Open Divisions:  Rounds begin at the following times:
- Round 1:  10 AM, Game-45, with 5-second time delay
- Round 2:  12:15 PM, same as Round 1
- Round 3:  2:30 PM, Game-60, with 5 second time delay
- Round 4:  5:30 PM, same as Round 3

Mike Hoffpauir, US Chess Federation National Tournament Director

2020 VA Commonwealth Games merchandise will be available for purchase during events at various locations

2020 VA Commonwealth Games bronze, silver and gold medals will be given in each category/division as well as 4th-6th place ribbons. 
Scholastic Sections:  Trophies to Top Unrated Player and Top Female Player
Open Section:  Trophies to Top Under 1000 player and Top Under 1600 player



Sport Specific Questions: Contact Sport Director Mike Hoffpauir at or 757-846-4805 .  Also see

Online Registration/Website Questions: Contact the Virginia Amateur Sports office at 540-343-0987 or


All dates, times, locations and formats are tentative at this time. Virginia Amateur Sports reserves the right to make changes to the sport information noted on this page. Some dates, locations and times may change due to registration numbers. Participants are encouraged to check sport info often for any changes.


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