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July 23-24, 2021

8am - 5pm


Impact Church
1645 Thomas Jefferson Rd
Forest, VA

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Students $20, Adults $25

$5 additional charge is you register onsite at the event.

July 23, 2021 at 11:59pm

There will be onsite registration, but there is a $5 additional charge


July 23, 2021 at 11:59pm

There will be onsite registration, but there is a $5 additional charge

Elementary Genesis Girls
Elementary Genesis Boys
Middle School Genesis Girls
Middle School Genesis Boys
High School Genesis Girls
High School Genesis Boys
Elementary Open Boys
Elementary Open Girls
Middle School Open Boys
Middle School Open Girls
High School Open Male
High School Open Female
Men's Barebow Recurve
Women's Barebow Recurve
Men's Bowhunter
Women's Bowhunter
Men's Open
Women's Open
Men's Olympic Recurve
Women's Olympic Recurve
Men's Crossbow
Women's Crossbow
Senior (50+) Male Barebow Recurve
Senior (50+) Female Barebow Recurve
Senior (50+) Male Bowhunter
Senior (50+) Female Bowhunter
Senior (50+) Open Male
Senior (50+) Open Female

Come enjoy a day of archery at a beautiful course in the foothills of Virginia. Fun for all ages and all levels of archery from beginner to professional.  Impact offers a great mixture of lanes through the timber as well as lanes in the wide open. Course will be 20 Delta / McKenzie targets. ASA scoring. Lower 12 always in play unless upper 12 has been called. All known distance so range finders are welcome. Groups are to be no more than 4 and no less than 2. Archers must have another in the group keep there score. Score keeper and archery will sign score cards. Last group each day must be at target 1 before 1530 no later. Archers will shoot after sign in no specific times required. So come out and enjoy a weekend sending arrows down range with some of the best shooters the Commonwealth has to offer!!

John Cunningham

2021 Virginia Commonwealth Games merchandise will be available for purchase during events at various locations and online.

2021 Virginia Commonwealth Games bronze, silver and gold medals will be given in each category/division 



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