Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for Virginia Amateur Sports is responsible for management and oversight of the business and affairs of the organization in accordance with the bylaws.

Dr. Robert Antozzi
Retired Parks & Recreation Director

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Ms. Libby Blankenship
Personal Trainer

Roanoke, Virginia

Mr. Dennis Carter
Retired Sportscaster

Lynchburg, Virginia

Ms. Samantha Dickenson
Roanoke City Parks & Recreation

Roanoke, Virginia


Mr. Dan Foutz
Virginia Amateur Sports

Roanoke, Virginia 


Ms. Sherri Fullen
Carter Bank & Trust


Hardy, Virginia


Mr. Todd Hassler
Member Wealth Management

Virginia Beach, Virginia


Dr. John Heil
Psychological Health - Roanoke

Roanoke, Virginia


Mr. Sam Lazzaro
Law Office of Samuel Lazzaro

Salem, Virginia


Dr. Elizabeth Lee Robertson
Robertson Ventures, LLC

Roanoke, Virginia


Ms. Maggie Mace
Lynchburg Parks & Recreation


Lynchburg, Virginia


Mr. Mike McCall
Virginia High School League


Charlottesville Virginia

Mr. Mike Morris
Morris Tax Service

Roanoke, Virginia


Dr. Mark Rolfs
Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Forest, Virginia


  Ms. Tamalyn Tanis
 Roanoke Valley CrossFit Owner & Certified Coach

 Roanoke, Virginia


Ms. Leah Stiegler
Attorney, Woods Rogers PLC

Roanoke, Virginia


Mr. David Van Covern
Managerial Consultant

Waynesboro, Virginia

Ms. Quamitria Vaughter
Liberty University

Lynchburg, Virginia


Mr. Ramon Williams

Virginia Military Institute Foundation

Salem, Virginia