July 24, 2021
July 25, 2021
You will select which day you prefer to shoot.

July 24, 2021 - 11am-4pm
July 25, 2021 - 10am-1pm

SafeSide Lynchburg
2309 Mayflower Dr
Lynchburg, VA 24501
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Stock, Unlimited/Open, Pocket/Sub Compact, Revolver, and Rimfire (PCCs will not be allowed).


Deadline – None
Safety Guidelines

The Defensive Pistol Championship places the shooters in dynamic scenarios

Drawing from holster, shooting on the move, shooting around obstacles, reloads
Three (3) different shooting scenarios
Scoring is based on raw times and points for accuracy.

There will be three stages, with each stage designed to simulate some kind of realistic defensive shooting scenario, complete with props, barricades, and any number of targets to neutralize. Each stage begins with walkthrough to explain the course of fire and let everyone become familiar with the stage layout before heading up range behind the shooting line. Shooters will then be called up to the line one at a time to run the course.  You’ll typically start with your gun loaded and holstered, with extra magazines (or speed loaders if you’re shooting a revolver) carried on your belt. At the starting signal you’ll draw and shoot according to the particular stage’s instructions. The clock stops at your last shot.

Each target is broken down into several zones. As your hits move away from the center you’ll earn “Points Down” which are added to your time (each point down adds a second to your time).  All stage scores are then added up to give your overall score for the match. Competitors are then ranked from lowest score to highest, and the shooter with the lowest overall score is awarded the Gold medal.  Second and third best scores receive the Silver and Bronze medals.

The safety officer will run through each stage prior to the first shooter and will describe the sequence / order for target engagement and any additional instructions needed to execute the stage properly.  Penalties will be added if the stage directions are not followed properly.

If you have a malfunction while shooting a stage the clock will keep running. You will be expected to clear the jam and resume shooting.

As always when it comes to firearms, safety is our top priority, and any unsafe gun-handling will result in being disqualified from the match and asked to leave the range. Your gun must remain unloaded and holstered without a magazine inserted at all times unless under the direction of a Safety Officer. Do not draw or load your gun until you are told to do so at the shooting line. Your muzzle must point downrange towards the backstop at all times so that if a round were fired it would not impact the floor, walls, or ceiling. Your muzzle must never sweep yourself or anyone else, even when drawing and re-holstering, loading and unloading, and when clearing any malfunctions. While completing a course of fire, your trigger finger must remain off the trigger and out of the trigger guard whenever you are not shooting at a target.


Each shooter will need the following equipment

  • A good safe gun.  Guns will be classified and placed in one of the 6 divisions identified above
  • At least 3 magazines, or enough to carry 30 rounds of ammo. No magazine will be loaded with more than 10 rounds, so 3 will suffice in most cases. If your gun holds fewer than 10 rounds in each mag you will want to have more on hand
  • A holster (strong side and belt mounted only) that is suitable for daily carry. The gun must be securely held in place and the trigger guard must be inaccessible when holstered. Active retention devices are allowed, but retention devices operated by the trigger finger are prohibited. Exceptions may be granted at the Safety Officer’s discretion
  • At least 2 belt-mounted magazine carriers or other means to safely carry extra magazines
  • At least 100 rounds of ammo
  • Eye and ear protection

Robin Leonard
Phone: 540-297-1014 office &  540-520-2253 Cell /text  

2021 Virginia Commonwealth Games merchandise will be available for purchase during events at various locations or on our website soon

2021 Virginia Commonwealth Games bronze, silver and gold medals will be given in each category/division, in addition to Top Female, Top Senior and Top Youth.


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