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  • Swimming - Adult
Date: June 18, 2016
Location: Christiansburg Aquatic Center
595 North Franklin Street
Christiansburg, VA 24073
Eligibility: This is a USMS recognized meet for purposes of USMS Records and Top Ten times by USMS swimmers. Standard USMS age groups will be used (18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, etc). For meets held in 50 meter pools, your age as of December 31, 2016 is considered your swimming age for the meet. All USMS Swimmers must includea copy of your registration card with your entry or submit it at the meet for times to be submitted for USMS Records and Top Ten consideration.
Recognition: 126-R001
Fees: $13.00 for individual events plus a $10.00 surcharge to help defray the cost of equipment rental, medals and mailing costs. Relays will cost $15.00 for each relay entered. Relays will be deck entered and deck seeded. Swimmers may enter up to five (5) events.
** If you are entering 5 events, please mail in your registration and payment in order to receive a discount of $15 (before mail in fee)! 5 events - $45, this discount is NOT available online, please mail your form in to be eligible for this special price.
Long Course Swimming 18 & Up Mail-In Entry Form(Word version)
**Long Course Swimming 18 & Up Entry Form (PDF version)
Entry Deadline: The entry deadline is June 13, 2016. NO DECK ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.
Meet Format: This meet will conform to the 2016 USMS Rulebook and the Virginia Commonwealth Games Rules. Warm-ups from 10AM - 11AM. Meet starts at 11:00AM. Blocks available for starts, but deck starts can be done also.
Rules: Current USMS rules on master swimming will apply. No one will swim alone in a heat. Swimmers will be seeded according to times, heats will run slowest to fastest. Men and women will swim together. Swimmers will be expected to cooperate with the safety marshal who will monitor warm-ups. No diving during warm-ups except in designated lanes.
Warm-up/Warm-down Procedures: Swimmers must enter the pool feet first in a cautious manner. Diving shall be permitted only from the blocks in the designated sprint lanes during warm-ups. There will be continuous warm-up/warm-down areas. ABSOLUTELY NO DIVING will be permitted in the warm/down area. Instructions given by the designed Safety Marshall shall be obeyed at all times.
Awards: Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in each age group of each event and relays
Facility: 8 Lane, 50 Meter Pool, non-turbulent lane markers. 6 Lanes will be used for competition, 2 lanes will be available for continuous warm-ups and cool downs. Pool has been measured and certified for USMS records and Top Ten.
Meet Referee: Mary Ferrari

Meet Directors: Howard Butts
John Pero
800 meter freestyle
SWM 01
200 Medley Relay
SWM 02
400 Free Relays
SWM 03
50 Breaststroke
SWM 04
200 Ind. Medley
SWM 05
200 Backstroke
SWM 06
50 Freestyle
SWM 07
100 Butterfly
SWM 08
100 Breaststroke
SWM 09
400 Ind. Medley
SWM 10
200 Freestyle
SWM 11
50 Butterfly
SWM 12
200 Breastroke
SWM 13
100 Backstroke
SWM 14
400 Freestyle
SWM 15
400 Medley Relay
SWM 16
200 Butterfly
SWM 17
50 Backstroke
SWM 18
100 Freestyle
SWM 19
200 Free Relay
SWM 20
1500 Freestyle
SWM 21
800 Free Relay
SWM 22
For more information: Contact the coordinator, Howard Butts at 540-992-1736 or call Virginia Amateur Sports, Inc. at 540-343-0987 or 1-800-333-8274 (Virginia Only).

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