Games Sports Listing Lacrosse - Men's
  • Lacrosse - Men's
Dates:  July 22-23, 2017
    • Place: East Campus Lacrosse Fields, Liberty University
    • Fee: $300/team
    • Age Brackets:
      • U11
      • U15
      • U19
      • 19+
Based on Field Space for Games Weekend, Maximum of 6 teams will be permitted per age bracket (first come first serve basis, updates to be provided by emailing lacrossecamps@liberty.edu)
  • Registration Requirements:
    • Only Team Registrations will be considered for this event.
    • Team Coach/Captain may register team and individuals participating at link below (minimum 15 players)
    • Deadline to Register: July 17th, 2017
  • Team Format Rules
    • Must provide matching uniform for each member of team
  • Format of play (something similar to the following)       
    • We will be offering a jam-packed day of lacrosse in a 2-day festival at Liberty University Lacrosse Fields. Low entry fees and two days of competition should provide an opportunity for all who are interested. Two 24-minute running halves with 3-minute halftime will allow for new games to begin every hour. Games beginning at 8am on Saturday, guaranteed 3 games. Sunday games will be seeded for championship round. Teams must provide matching uniform for each member of team.
  • Awards
    • Teams will be competing for Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals, and the right to compete in the 2019 State Games of America.
    • Schedule
           Team Assignments:
A - EPL Reapers
B - Cville Thunder              
A - Lynchburg
B - Vville Thunder
C - Triad Blackhawks
D - Epl Reapers          
A - Lynchburg
B - Cville Thunder
C - Triad Blackhawks
D - Greensboro        
Adult (19+)
A - Liberty
B - Randolph
C - Busch League
D - Devil's Backbone

       Saturday Schedule
Time              Field 1 (Men's Field)            Field 2 (Women's Field)

8am                         A vs B - U19                                         
9am                         C vs D - U19                                        A vs B (1) - U11
10am                       A vs C - U19                                        A vs B (2) - U11
11am                       B vs D - U19
12pm                       A vs D - U19                                        A vs B (3) - U11
1pm                         B vs C - U19          
2pm                         A vs B - Adult                                      A vs B - U15
3pm                         C vs D - Adult                                     C vs D - U15
4pm                         A vs C - Adult                                      A vs C - U15
5pm                         B vs D - Adult                                      B vs D - U15
6pm                         A vs D - Adult                                      A vs D - U15
7pm                         B vs C - Adult                                      B vs C - U15

        Sunday Schedule: (After Saturday Games, teams will be seeded and compete in Championship Bracket Below)
Time                  Field 1 (Men's Field)                        Field 2 (Women's Field)
8am                   #1 Seed vs #4 Seed - U19
9am                   #2 Seed vs #3 Seed - U19              A vs B (4) - U11
10am                U19 3rd Place                                  A vs B (5) - U11
11am                U19 Championship          
12pm                #1 Seed vs #4 Seed - Adult             #1 Seed vs #4 Seed - U15
1pm                  #2 Seed vs #3 Seed - Adult             #2 Seed vs #Seed - U15
2pm                  Adult 3rd Place                                 U15 3rd Place
3pm                  Adult Championship                         U15 Championship

Note: We will provide Informational Packet with Game schedules and Visiting Team info by Wed, July 19th.


For more information contact:
Kyle McQuillan/ Mike Zumpano
Email: kamcquillan@liberty.edu
Phone: 434-592-3954