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  • Aquathon - Indoor
Date: February 11, 2018
Location: Liberty University -† Indoor Track Facility & LU Natatorium

Start is 7am and the entire event should be over by 11am. This will be a 400 meter open water style race in the 50 meter pool. 10 people will start in each wave. This would be self-seeded as well meaning that the athletes will seed themselves on the pool deck much like ironmanís do now for their swims. The waves will start 30 seconds apart from each other. There will be open water buoys in the pool that you must swim around in order to complete the 400 meter course. Once you complete the swim you will run directly to the indoor track which is connected to the natatorium. You will put your running shoes on and run 2 miles (16 laps) on the 200 meter indoor track to complete the race. The fastest combined times wins. There will be age group medals for the top 3 in each age group as well as overall awards for top 3.†